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White truffle celebrations

by Filippo di Lenardo, 14 November 2016

For every food lover, the month of November represents a very special time of the is white truffle season at its best!

white trufflesThis fantastic tuberous, despite its acquired smell and taste, is the secret dream of any real gourmet. Its smell is intoxicating and its taste is so delicate and yet persistent. Piemonte is probably the region in Italy that is most famous for its white truffles, especially in the town of Alba in the heart of the Langhe region, which is famous for its incredible wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco. A few weeks ago, a good client of mine who had always wanted to travel to Italy to taste the best truffles contacted me. He wanted me to create for him an exciting and very exclusive truffle birthday event and party to celebrate with his friends and family.

They flew on the Friday late afternoon and arrived in their stunning and luxurious hotel just off the Barolo area, which used to be a Monastery.  We arranged a special dinner for him and his guests by privatising my favourite restaurant in the area, a true hidden gem where the chef changes his menu daily and uses only the finest of ingredients. He is a true artist of the kitchen. If this was not enough, they also had one of Barolo’s finest producers taking them through a very special vertical tasting of his best wines.

scrambled eggs with white trufflesThe following morning, at 6am, the group was out in the woods with a charming truffle hunter and his dog in search of this special white jewel. After approximately 1 hour they finally got rewarded and found a couple. Breakfast was served: scrambled eggs over white truffle: that is all you need to have a great day!

After this magnificent meal, the driver was waiting for them to take them for another fascinating experience: a hot air balloon tour over stunning medieval towns and beautiful vineyards which have been recent awarded with a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Two hours later, they all were quite tired so they headed to the hotel for a couple of hours sleep. In the afternoon, we arranged a private tour to some of the finest local cheese and chocolate producers to really show them the excellences that one can find in this impressive region.

Michelin star chef menuA quick change and they were on the go again for the special event. After an aperitivo at a leading winery that produces a top Moscato D’Asti, they eventually arrived in a gorgeous historic castle, which was entirely privatised for them for the ultimate truffle party. They group followed a bath lilted by flickering candles and ruby red rose petals. The dining room was beautifully set up with a mystical décor that made one feel as if they were in the middle of an enchanted wood. The guests enjoyed a seven course white truffle menu cooked by a local Michelin star chef and each dish was paired with the finest of Piemonte’s wines. By the end of the meal, you really had the impression that you were in the middle of the Alba woods with the intoxicating scent of white truffle spreading to each corner of the room. After dinner, the guest were led through the castle’s corridors to a stunning lounge where an opera singer gave them a glorious private performance while they enjoyed a selection of digestive. In-between songs, my client approached me, held out his hand and said : “You have made my Italian Dream a reality!”. And that is what it is all about!