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most romantic places in italy

Discover the most romantic places in Italy like never before

To the eyes of any discerning traveller looking for a special luxury travel experiences, Italy always comes up as one of the go to destinations. Perhaps because of its stunning scenery, beautiful cities, delicious cuisine and the melodic sound of the language, we regularly get asked to organise a client’s honeymoon in Italy or their special celebrations in Italy that allow them to celebrate their profound love while discovering the most romantic.

It is always quite exciting to have the first briefing with a client as you get to understand what they are looking to experience and to discuss the various ways we can turn their dreams into reality by creating the ultimate luxury holiday experience with a wow factor. Once our luxury travel advisor starts to put down creative ideas and the client’s dream holiday or special event starts to unfold, the excitement in the client’s eyes is a moment we always take a mental picture of as our goal is to surpass that moment during their journey.

As one of the leading luxury travel companies with the best travel agents, it is fundamental to take all elements into consideration, listen carefully to what the client is looking for and to even foresee what the clients want but do not know it themselves yet. Thankfully, the country has so many romantic experiences to offer, be it a sunset wine tour, a hot air balloon experience over the Tuscan countryside followed by a delicious Italian breakfast or relaxing by the pool in your private villa during your luxury holidays in Sardinia, the ideal love nest. Of course, people give different interpretations to the meaning of what is “romance” and can choose a more extravagant or conservative approach to expressing themselves.

So, where are the most romantic places in Italy you may wonder?

When we asked the founder of Elite RetrEat Italia, Filippo di Lenardo who comes from the charming city of Treviso in the Veneto region, he said “I would have to say either Venice or Verona” with a proud smile on his face.

Venice of course is traditionally the go to place for any Valentine’s Day or anniversary celebration. From private boat tours to exclusive dinners in private palaces overlooking the Grand Canal, it is easy to comprehend why so many people fall in love with this magical city.

Having said that, Verona can also be an fascinating destination when planning a romantic luxury travel experience in Italy. Home to Romeo and Juliette, one of the most romantic things we can organise is to have a private aperitivo on their famous balcony followed by a wonderful dinner in a private villa overlooking the city while you listen to the angelic voice of an Italian opera singer.

If you are a food and wine lover, then why not head to the outskirts of the city in the area of Valpolicella, known for making Italy’s most romantic wine: Amarone. Enjoy a wonderful wine tour around the area visiting the best wineries and having a private tasting with each producer… this is the equivalent of falling in love with Italian wine.

Start planning your next romantic Italian experience