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italian villa holidays with pools

We turning your Luxury Villa stay into an unforgettable Italian experience

Villas in Italy…Trust me there is quite a vast selection of breath-taking luxury properties to choose from in Italy but finding the perfect one for your Italian honeymoon, special event or your relaxing holiday can be quite frustrating and time consuming for you. From the Italian Alps to the Sicilian shores you could spend your whole life changing villas every week.

Not too bad I guess ah?!

As one of the leading luxury travel companies for Italy we take that stress off you so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the journey!

Over the past few years, we have experienced a peak in demand for luxury villas in Italy, most specifically for those looking for Italian villa holidays with pools. In fact, having a pool is a fundamental requirement for any exclusive villa rental, be it right by the sea or on top of the beautiful Italian mountain. Some of them are located in the most romantic places in Italy and many of them are actually requested by large multi-generational families seeking to experience the perfect “Italy for kids” holiday as it allows them to enjoy the perks of privacy at the highest level of comfort and with plenty of space! Most of our clients choose to stay in luxury villas during their trip to Italy as they feel like they are able to “live” the destination to the fullest. One of the greatest things about renting one of our villas in Italy is that you can enjoy the finest in-house luxury travel experiences tailored to yours truly, from fun cooking classes with Michelin star chefs, painting courses with top local artists or even having your own private yoga retreat.

Which villa destinations are the most popular? Tuscany will always be an evergreen location however we think that a luxury Villa in Capri or by Lake Como represents the ultimate holiday where to combine sophistication with fun and laidback activities for everybody.

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