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Health & Well Being

What makes Italian gastronomy so desirable and appreciated worldwide is not only is divine taste but most importantly its diversity and focus on fresh and quality ingredients. We created our own private health and well being programs in exclusive villas all over Italy where we want to showcase the healthy side of Italian gastronomy in a fun and educational way that will rejuvanate your body and soul.

RetrEat & Breathe

How about spending a week in one of the Amalfi coast’s most exclusive villas… where a local chef and top health instructor work together to create a unique holistic and lifestyle Italian experience combining in house gourmet activities with entertaining outdoor adventures for your friends and family. Ready to change your perception of experiential healthy living?

Hiking on the Dolomites

Imaging breathing in the fresh Dolomite air with the scent of wild herbs and flowers while enjoying a exhilarating hiking tour. Your guide will lead you on a track through the stunning landscapes while helping you select some of the finest wild herbs . At lunch time a local chef will use your handpicked herbs and local ingrediants and wine to creat a wondeful picnic in the sunshine.

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