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corporate trip ideas

Inspiring corporate trip ideas for the ultimate Italian experience

With the highly competitive business environment that companies face nowadays and the pressure to please the most discerning travellers, we know how crucial it is for you to find meaningful and unique corporate trip ideas that go beyond just a well-executed travel experience. You want to find a professional luxury travel advisor that you can trust to have the creative flair and that can interpret the values of your company in meaningful and unforgettable experiences while saving you time and resources. And when it comes to selecting your destination, from the tips of the stunning Italian Dolomites to the turquoise shores of Sicily, Italy offers an infinite selection of exciting activities all year round and at the highest level possible.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of Italy, our imaginative approach, the strong relationships which we have with the best services providers in Italy and above all our tremendous passion for Italian Excellence, we take the time to get to know you and your company in order to curate the ultimate Italian experience from beginning to end. We do not rest until we reach your personal perception of perfection.

Over the last couple of years, we have been privileged enough to have organised some fantastic incentive travel and corporate entertainment trips in Italy for some of the world’s top companies and VIP clients.

During the warm season we love creating the most amazing wine tours in the north of Italy, particularly in the Veneto region. From Prosecco tastings at the finest wine artisans, a bicycle tour in the beautiful countryside to a fun Vespa tour of the prestigious Amarone vineyards followed by a special lunch at one of the top wineries with a vertical tasting of their best vintages, it always turns out to be is a great success. We truly believe that wine and gastronomy connects people in an almost magical way and we witness this time and time again at all of the Italian events and trips that we organise.

Another very popular experience that we have created on many occasion for our clients which we like to call The Holy Trio takes place around October time – an exciting Golfing, truffle hunting and track racing in Italian sports cars experience. It’s basically a 3 day competition where teams are formed and they need to outperform each other. Only one team will win and only one team will actually get to eat truffles. That is what we love about being a luxury travel advisor in Italy, we can let our creativity go wild!

Let’s start planning your next incentive or client entertainment!