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Artisanal Excellence

Italy is without the doubt the county of artisanal excellence, what we call “cultural luxury”. From sensational Venetian glass makers to incredibly fashionable Neapolitan taylors discover the unique “senso di vita Italiano”

Sculpting through West Tuscany

Be it having a private meal in a marble cave, exclusive access to some of the artist’s best studios or being a marble sculptor for a day, here food and art magically come together for a uniquely cultured and stimulating experience…

Wine & Diamond

They say Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and that they last forever…
Just imagine entering the fasinating and exclusive world of Italy’s artisanal excellence at its best and walking in the shoes of some of the world’s finest jewellery artisans. Enjoy a stunning diamond themed menu prepared by a local chef and sommelier, inspired by your spectacular day experience. Just like a dimond these memories will last for ever…

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