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A Romantic weekend in the city of lovers

by Filippo di Lenardo, 12 December 2016

Romantic Weekend in Italy

Often we have clients who approach us with the following request: “I want to take my partner for a very romantic weekend, where in Italy should I go?” There are of course several places that come to mind like Venice or Rome but really nothing beats Verona. Perhaps because of its history with Romeo and Juliet, or because of its charming streets and architecture, I just find this city to be the ultimate place where to spend a special break with your other half.

With that in mind, I would like to tell you about a special celebration that we organised a couple of weeks ago. The brief was simple: to impress his girlfriend for their 10 year anniversary. The pressure was on but I knew Verona would not let me down!

Romeo & JulietteThere is a special hotel in the heart of town which is the perfect love nest. Called Juliette’s Dream, it’s a lovely boutique property that resembles romance in all shapes and forms. Beautiful and intimate suites that scream elegance and tradition, really what Verona is all about. The temperature in the last few weeks in the north of Italy has been surprisingly high making it ideal to enjoy a romantic stroll around the city. With the help of a fantastic trusted guide, they enjoyed a mouth-watering gastro walking tour, sampling the finest local products in the towns hidden gems. Verona really has a strong cultural and gastronomic heritage. One could spend hours walking around gorgeous street, tasting delicious food from special cakes, to chocolate, dried meets and visiting glorious private palaces. Around 7:00, after having relaxed at the hotel for a while, the couple were in for a special experience. They had the privilege to enjoy an aperitivo on the terrace of Romeo and Juliette followed by a dinner prepared by a top local chef, inside the teatro nuovo which was entirely privatised for them. The table was set of course at the centre of the stage with a stunning array of flowers and flickering candles that lit up the stage and set the mood.  But there was no acting; my clients told me later on that it was a truly special and genuine moment that brought several tears to her eyes.

Amarone risottoThe following day, we decided to arrange a romantic brunch and cooking experience in a charming villa in the Valpollicella area. Approximately 20 minutes north of Verona, close to Lake Garda, there is one of Italy’s finest wine production areas, famous for making one of the world’s best wines, the renowned Amarone. The driver dropped them off in this historic property which used to belong to the Great Dante Alighieri and the current owner gave them the warmest of welcomes. After a brief guided tour of the estate and its cellars, they headed to the kitchen where the chef was waiting for them for a hands on cooking experience. They cooked several dishes including of course the “piece de la resistance”, Amarone risotto!

They had a lovely table set up to enjoy all their creations matched with various vintages and reserved of Amarone wines. What makes this wine special and ideal for a romantic occasion is its production process where the grapes are left to dry on special racks turning into resin like fruit. The result is an incredibly rich, dense and smooth red wine that has the same feeling of a warm embrace from your loved one. Its called love at first site!