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Multi-sensory London Wine Events

by Filippo di Lenardo, 30 May 2017

It is undoubtedly that time of the year when people enjoy spending time outdoors to celebrate the beginning of the “warm season”. That means that companies and private individuals start planning their summer party to entertain family, friends and clients.

It is always a great pleasure for us at Elite RetrEat Italia to arrange exclusive events here in London where we can create special moments that push the boundaries of experiential engagement while allowing the host and his/her guests to enjoy themselves and to connect in a more profound way. Our goal is ultimately to create imaginative and engaging events that take you on an imaginary trip across Italy, as if you were experiencing special celebrations in Italy.

yacht londonOne of the hot events that we are currently working on at the moment is “The Sound of the Sea”.  A good corporate client of ours contacted us a couple of weeks ago to create an exclusive event as he was looking for unique London experiences to host his VIP clients. After an initial consultation where we got to understand what he was trying to achieve, we went back to the drawing room and had a careful thought. The event would take place on the end of June to celebrate the beginning of the summer season and the client was looking for an extravagant way to experience a wine tasting that also had a travel element to it. That is how we came up with the sound of the sea event.

The idea is to rent a boat on the river Themes and have a Michelin star that will be cooking a delicious seafood meal. The sommelier will be pairing the dishes with a great selection of white wines that are produced in the proximity to water be it the sea, river or lake. To complement the experience, we will match each wine with a particular water element that will stimulate one of the five senses. I cannot wait to see his client’s reaction once they will get to taste and experience such a sensational evening.

London wine events, incredible flower displayBut summer parties are also great for clients that are looking to organise something special in the comfort of their home, perhaps in their lovely garden. One of our clients is incredibly passionate about plants and flowers and wanted to find a way to share her passion and connect with her guests through food and wine.   We decided to call in a leading florist and a bespoke perfume maker to create unique fragrances that would match her incredible flower displays scattered throughout the garden. The sommelier and chef matched the perfumes and flowers with a mouth-watering selection of fascinating wines and canapés. For us a complete sensorial stimulation is an essential part to any successful event. Providing our clients with new formats of events that allow our clients to best represent their values as a company or as an individual is what brings the most value to them. Events are sometime seen as a way to say thank you to important people around you and we want to make sure that it looks like it really comes from the client’s heart.

So this summer, don’t just do a simple barbecue to entertain your loved ones or VIP clients…let us help you create something truly memorable.

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