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Milan Fashion Week, a unique special event

by Filippo di Lenardo, 26 January 2017

Milan Fashion Week, special eventsIt is less than a month until Milan Fashion Week and many people are already feeling the buzz.

Milan is undoubtedly one of the world’s fashion capitals and certainly the most important in Italy when it comes to luxury trends, fashion and innovation.

As we are planning a few Italian exclusive experiences and luxury holidays for some of our clients during their stay in Milan in February, I decided to take a short trip to the city to get a flavour for myself to see what is happening!

Instead of staying in fabulous and glamorous hotels throughout the city, I always recommend staying in private luxury apartments as Milan really does offer an incredible selection. They just have so much charm and they embrace the essence of the city.

Now, as you can imagine, Milan is home to a number of exclusive and beautiful artisans that put their passion and talent at the center of their creations. It’s so inspiring to meet these creative minds! This is what Elite RetrEat Italia considers a bespoke Italian luxury holiday.

In particular, there is a tailor who is always a joy to visit. I love his energy and desire to innovate and I can’t help myself from buying a bespoke pair of pants or blazer when I go there. Maybe it’s the cozyness of the boutique, perhaps the charming character of Giovanni or simply because he focuses on creating unique and cutting edge Milanese style clothes that are so beautiful!

As I am with my other half, I thought I would take her to a designer that in my opinion makes some of the best shoes in town. A man of few words but of many talents. Forget the typical Italian extravagant character, he is all about precision and poise. Timeless elegance is how I would like to describe his style, like an imaginary and exclusive journey through Italy where he selects the best materials to create something truly special. I don’t need to say much, my loved one’s eyes are shining (good sign) – she is in love with the man (not me!). But what is the real luxury experience here is to see him at work. Like an artist paining, you can see the passion in his face as he creates these stunning pieces. Both my partner and I could spend hours here watching him “perform”. In the end we decide to buy a pair of shoes which scream “stile Milanese” the sort of shoes a woman would wear for a luxury event in Italy.

Luckily, Milan is not only about great fashion designers but also fantastic food mavericks! We know that one of our favourite chefs has just opened his restaurant here so there was no way we could miss the opportunity to taste his delicious food. As we consider him a Michelin star genius, we decide to go for the tasting menu paired with the  “bespoke Italian wine tour“. What an experience, it’s just incredible how this talented man is able to magically shift from vegetables to meat and fish with so much grace and sophistication. This is what Italian modern gastronomy is all about, fashion and elegance on a plate!

We can make your trip to Italy for any event, unique and bespoke, tailored just for you. Get in touch to find out how we can enhance your journey.