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Luxury travel, what is it?

by Filippo di Lenardo, 13 February 2017

Luxury Travel, what is it really? Whatever the answer may be for each one of us, I believe that there are unique travel experiences in our life that can really inspire and shape us.

colorful spices, luxury travelEvery year, around September I head for a few days to Marrakech to exhibit at the most exclusive luxury travel fair called PURE Life Experiences. Here I get to meet fantastic clients and leading agencies from all over the world that are seeking to discover new exclusive experiences and inspirations to offer to their top clients. As Italy is one of the most beloved destination for the rich and famous, this is where Elite RetrEat Italia’s one of a kind and truly imaginative Italian experiences inspire the world’s leading travel designers.

However, what I enjoy the most when I visit this magical destination, is getting lost in the city and breathing in the unique spices and energy that this place has. It always is such an immense source of inspiration for me! So much so, that when I was there last year, during a special evening, I came up with a rather unique and exclusive experience that I could offer both in the UK and in Italy for private and corporate entertainment: “The Sound of Color”.

On my third evening in Marrakech, a friend and I decided to head to the Medina. As we were chatting away in the back streets looking for local delicacies to try, we came across a beautiful herb and spice shop that was really pretty. Two charming young men approached us with quite a remarkable English accent inviting us to come on in and take a look around. It really was a special place! Perhaps it was the magical setting, the incredible selection of the products or simply because we had an instant connection with the locals, the whole experience felt surreal, just like being in a movie.

KandinskyAs we were sitting down in their lounge drinking a lovely fresh mint tea, the two men told us to come upstairs as they wanted to show us something they were particularly proud of. On the last floor they had a whole space showcasing creations from street artists. Here, a young French man was painting all sorts of things, from canvases to vases. In particular I was intrigued by his painting technique on vases. “What are you doing and what is your inspiration?” I asked. He turns around with a smile and says “I am dripping. I got inspired from Kandinsky and his theory of the sound of colours”. What an incredibly fascinating subject I thought to myself. I was so amused by the concept that I thought “what if I could translate this into one of our Italian experiences?”

Once I got back to London I called a friend, a specialist in making the most magnificent music and fireworks choreographies, to tell her all about my vision: Applying the sound of colours theory to a glorious event where gastronomy, music and the finest Italian fireworks harmoniously collide to create a truly magical experience charged with profound energy, excitement and elegance.

Scottish castleA few months down the line and we are turning our vision into a magical reality, allowing clients to experience what I have been envisaging since that enchanting evening in Marrakesh.

Guests will fly by helicopter to a stunning castle in Scotland where they will be in for an unforgettable evening. They will dine in a beautiful master private dining room where a Michelin star chef, a performing artist and a sommelier will delightfully stimulate all senses while taking them on an experiential gastronomic and cultural journey through Italy. After dinner, guests will head to the gardens where they will get to enjoy a dramatic firework display choreographed to Italian Opera and elegantly paired with a stunning selection of Italy’s finest wines. As all our experiences, the evening will of course be carefully tailored around the guest list and to express our client’s vision.

This is why we love what we do…we push the boundaries of our imagination in order to create profound emotionally engaging, authentic and incomparable experiences that showcase Italian Excellence…. This is what we call true cultural luxury.