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The Italian Experiential Club

by Filippo di Lenardo, 22 February 2017

Redefining Experiential Artisanal Excellence with our Italian Experiential Club!

Around a year ago, we decided to start working on a project that we thought was the natural evolution of Elite RetrEat Italia: The Italian Experiential Club.

We were incredibly thrilled by the idea of developing an exciting by-invitation only club where we could curate special and exclusive Italian events here in London for members and a carefully selected guest list.

Our vision was to create truly unique and special experiences that showcase the ultimate Italian lifestyle and emotionally engages each guests. As we believe that gastronomy is the universal language of pleasure and the best way to discover this fascinating and diverse country, we create sensorial gastronomic experiences while delicately tailoring in luxury Italian brands that represent artisanal excellence… the very best of “made in Italy”.

gold leaf at the Italian Experiential ClubSince our launch in September, we have had two events and are about to have our third one this week. The venue always needs to have a unique element to it: whether it is at a brand’s showroom, an art gallery or a private venue the goal is to create a multi-sensory Italian experience that will push the boundaries of experiential engagement.

Our first event was an artisanal wine tasting held at one of Italy’s finest furniture designers, Colombo Stile, located just off Hyde Park. There we took a small group of guests “across Italy with a glass of wine” making them taste unique wines from small growers that had a fascinating story and of course that tasted divine. We then paired each wine with a particular product or production process of the brand, for example showing a video of an artisan working with gold paired with a fantastic Verdicchio of 10 years of age which had an outstanding colour: its taste and looks were so rich that it really felt like drinking gold.

Our next event took place at Grace Belgravia, an exclusive member’s club in Belgravia, where the theme of the event was “The hidden diamonds of Italy”. With a friend and top diamond expert, Monica Bortolin Cossa from MBC diamonds we thought it would be interesting and exciting to pair wines with diamonds through the 5 senses. From pairing an Orange diamond with an Orange wine, to matching the minerality of a diamond with a wine grown in Volcanic soil, the event was a true success!

Our aim is to bring like-minded people together and inspire them with an emotional journey that is sophisticated yet fun and entertaining. We want to give luxury Italian brands more voice by communicating their passion, expertise and products in a more profound, subtle, engaging and stimulating way. We are creating a hub where Italian brands and Italian lovers meet to discover, share and celebrate Italian excellence.

wine tasting London

Our next event will be taking place in a stunning luxury private residence in a new and exclusive development overlooking Tower Bridge. The theme of the event will be “Across Italy with modern reinterpretations of timeless classics”. We will have the privilege of having a great designer …Italian of course!, Stefano De Martino from Natural Skin (ntSkn) who will be talking about the choices of his stunning fabrics and the different meanings and feelings they can create.  To enhance the experience, the famous Danilo Cortellini, chef to the Italian ambassador will be pairing each ntSkn outfit with a delicious modern reinterpretation of an Italian classic dish. And of course I will be in charge of the wines, the missing link making sure that everything will run smoothly!