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Our Services

Private Property & Investment Finding Services

Whether you are seeking to find your dream luxury villa, penthouse apartment, chalet or looking to invest in a boutique hotel, wine estate or a project in the hospitality and leisure sector, either on or off the market, we dedicate our time and effort in fully understanding your requirements and tailoring our services in order to source only the best that Italy has to offer to you.

We can help you invest in the following:

  • Winery for sale Italy
  • Castles in Italy for sale
  • Italian palaces for sale
  • Mansions for sale in Italy
  • Luxury homes for sale in Italy

A Taste Of Investment

Once we have carefully selected a variety of properties for you, let our travel experts design a 360 degree experiential travel inspection giving you not only the opportunity of thoroughly examining the property but above all to experiencing the region and unveil its hidden gems by connecting emotionally to the destination. Our aim is to ensure that you obtain a clear understanding of the investment you are about to acquire as well as unwrapping the direct and indirect opportunities of the surrounding peripheries.

Consulting Services

Due to our strong background and expertise in hospitality and event management, we can provide you with instrumental knowledge and assistance during the various development processes of your investment, from the structural design to setting your business strategy or establishing your operational structure and practices. We take on each project as if it was our own and strive to turn it into a viable long term business with a fully optimised ROI.

Marketing property management Services

As we have been through thick and thin with you since you first bought your property with Elite RetrEat Italia, we act as if your asset was ours and always represent it accordingly. We know the suitable sales rental price for your villa, estate or apartment, in order to attract suitable tenants for your property. Based on our agreement our responsibilities will include setting the right sales price, manage suppliers, increasing the value of your rent in the long run, finding the right agents and representatives, handling leases and complaints or emergencies.

Event Planning

Whether you are looking to plan your next special event in the comfort of your Italian home or in a private venue in Italy let our event specialist design a one of a kind and exclusive experience for you and your guest.

Discover Italy

At Elite RetrEat Italia travel we design one of a kind and exclusive Italian experiences that showcase the country’s finest artisans while redefining the boundaries of experiential engagement. Gastronomy and artisanal excellence are always at the heart of all our imaginative adventures as we believe it is the best way to showcase the variety of the country’s inimitable heritage.
What are you waiting for? Join the magical world of Italian artisanal excellence.
Click here to start planning you next Italian travel experience.

Re-sale Services

We walked you through the purchasing process of your property or investment and now the time has come to complete the cycle. We always act as if your asset was ours and represent with passion and professionalism in order to find the best buyer for you.