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luxury homes for sale in italy

Delivering creative leisure and hospitality investment opportunities in Italy.

Thanks to our background in the wine making industry, wide range of contacts and in-depth knowledge in the luxury hospitality and leisure sector in Italy, we can deliver to you some of the country’s most spectacular and unique properties and investment opportunities while providing you with the invaluable support and innovative thinking during the entire process.

Most people when thinking about their dream home abroad consider Italy as one of their top destinations. Fantastic culture, jaw dropping landscapes and delicious gastronomic traditions make this country simply irresistible. And if that wasn’t enough there is also some great luxury homes for sale in Italy.

At Elite RetrEat Italia we understand the value of luxury and exclusivity. It is at the core all of the experiences we offer both in Italy and in London. Our approach is to take our clients on an experiential journey inspiring you to find a deep connection with this fascinating country. Our highest level of engagement, when it comes to our services is without doubt exclusive assets. These can include houses for sale in Italy as well as Italian palaces for sale. Our carefully curated portfolio allows us to select for you the ideal luxury property for sale in Italy that truly represents Italian excellence.

All over the country, there are incredible exclusive properties be it a chalet in the Alps, a palace in Venice or a stunning country house with a vineyard in Tuscany. We don’t just show clients the properties, but rather we give them a “Taste of investment” by create an experience around these assets.

When it comes to luxury homes for sale in Italy, our clients get to benefit our villa rental services which then can turn into an interest and desire to look for a property for sale in Italy. We take the time to carefully listen to our clients’ needs and with our partners we work to find their dream property. One of the services that our clients particularly enjoy is our post-acquisition rental services which allow them to cover the cost of their investment and make a return while enjoying the perks of owning a property. Furthermore, with the resident non domicile policy, Italian lovers have a reason more to purchase their luxury Italian home.

We have recently helped a client who was looking at mansions for sale in Italy acquire a stunning property located between Milan and Lake Como. An incredibly prestigious estate owned by a historic family, a true hidden gem for nature and art lovers as this property boasts a sensational heritage and a stunning park.

We know that finding the perfect property can be a slow and at times stressful process due the bureaucratic issues that may arise however our team takes great pride in the full services supportive approach allowing us to do the hard work while we make sure you enjoy the fun and creative side.

Come into our world and discover Italian artisanal excellence.