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castles in italy for sale

Delivering luxury leisure and hospitality investment opportunities in Italy.

Castles in Italy for sale require an exclusive approach to service and thanks to our background in the wine making industry, wide range of contacts and in depth knowledge in the hospitality and leisure sector in Italy, we can deliver to you some of the country’s most spectacular and unique properties and investment opportunities while providing you with the invaluable support and innovative thinking during the whole process.

Looking for luxury houses for sale in Italy is or at least it should be on the top of the list on anybody who appreciates the finer things in life. Perhaps it is the mind-blowing beauty of the Italian landscapes, the delicious gastronomic traditions and impressive historic heritage that seems to make most people fall in love with this country.

But what about luxury property for sale in Italy or more precisely castles in Italy for sale?

Across Italy, stunning castles mark the landscapes while showcasing the true beauty and splendour of ancient Italian architecture. In fact, there are over 3100 in the whole country! Some of them have been converted into luxury hotels; some are part of prestigious wineries while others belong to historic families that have owned these mesmerising structures for several generations. There is always something magical, almost mystical about castles as they are able to create a particular atmosphere that takes you back in time and each corner reveals hidden stories of the past.

We often organise special and exclusive events and dining experiences in some of the best castles in the country for our VIP clients as it is one of the very best ways to fully experience such a glorious property and truly immerse yourself into the Italian luxury lifestyle. On several occasions a client, following a dinner or event has manifested his interest in acquiring the property for his or her personal pleasure or as an investment. I must say castles can represent quite a good deal most times as we can often negotiate the purchasing cost.

Whether it is in the Italian Dolomites or on the Sicilian shores there is always a majestic feeling. Over the course of the last 10 years, there has been a significant increase in demand for castles in Italy for sale. Discerning individuals when searching for luxury property for sale in Italy have often opted for castles as they carry such history and heritage that it will rarely lose value, if anything if well kept, it will actually potentially increase! And besides that, their majestic atmosphere and stunning views are always the perfect location for a good party or memorable luxury event or wedding.