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Gourmet Yacht Tour in Italy

by Filippo di Lenardo, 17 May 2017

With summer quickly approaching, many of our discerning travelers start to think of where to plan their special holiday, exclusive events or special celebrations in Italy.

For us at Elite RetrEat Italia this is a very exciting and busy time of the year as we get the opportunity to turn our clients travel fantasies into reality and exceed their expectations each time!

Whether they are looking for the ideal luxury villa or a romantic wine tour experience, we always ensure we deliver our services at the highest level. As a luxury travel advisor, our motto is to push the boundaries of experiential engagement while showcasing the best that this country has to offer.

When a client approached me last week to arrange a sensational travel experience for him and his family on his yacht, we decided it would be great to arrange a fantastic gourmet yacht tour for them as I knew that the whole family are real foodies…. needless to say that he LOVED the idea!

So the planning began!

yacht tour, fine diningThe idea is to depart from Montecarlo on their yacht with a Michelin star chef and a top sommelier on board who will be taking him and his family on a luxury travel gourmet experience cruising through the region of Liguria. Each day, they will stop in a different coastal village to taste the local produce, meet the fascinating local artisans and visit the beautiful historic sites. Back on the yacht, both the chef and the sommelier will create sensorial gastronomic experiences with their modern interpretations inspired by what the clients have tasted and visited during the day…undoubtedly this is the ultimate gastronomic journey! It’s going to be like a roller-coaster of flavours and an one of the most exciting ways to travel and to discover new places.

They will eventually arrive in the glamorous Forte Dei Marmi where they will be spending the next week in one of our luxury villas: a great way to relax in Italy with kids! Here, we have created for them a series of great local activities to give them a true flavour of this magical land.

Of course it could not be Tuscany without a wine tour. Around the Lucca area there are some incredible wineries set in the most stunning locations. This is the perfect place where to enjoy a glorious wine tasting followed by a fantastic private lunch in a marvellous villa. The area is also known for making some of the world’s finest chocolate so they will get a chance to visit a great producer who takes great pride in creating sensational flavours using the rarest ingredients.

This part of Tuscany is also great for those looking to indulge into the naturalistic beauty of the area and truly relax. One can enjoy the exclusive facilities of one of our luxury villas, relaxing walks on the beach or cycling through the hills which are all great way to reconnect with your body and soul. Of course Forte dei Marmi is so much more exciting, especially for those that are looking to take advantage of the buzzing atmosphere with its designer boutiques, high-end restaurants, bars and clubs.

So what are you waiting for?

Join our magical world of Italian Artisanal Excellence and let us help you embark on your ultimate gourmet yacht tour this summer!

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