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A Gastronomic New Year’s Eve Celebration

by Filippo di Lenardo, 19 December 2016

It’s less than 2 weeks before New Year’s Eve and my mind is buzzing, well it has been doing so for a while now. What a year it has been! I will not tell you everything that happened to me, I hate self-referencing and talking about the past – let’s look at what is going to happen as this is always more exciting!

Normally for new years, I head to the north of Italy, to the Dolomites, to enjoy some time with family as well as doing one of the sports that I love the most: skiing!

meatThis year however, we have decided not to go to the mountains and instead stay at home in Treviso (approx. 30 mins from Venice). This is going to be, believe or not, my first NYE at home. I must say that at the beginning I was not particularly thrilled but when I thought to myself that I had the whole house free one thing came instantly to my head: a festive party feast!

I was pretty clear of what I had in mind: a small group of around 25 friends that would come to my place and where I could take them on an incredible gastronomic journey followed of course by a fun & wild evening. And that is exactly what is going to happen on December 31st!

panetoneAm I incredibly passionate about food & wine? No, sadly I am simply obsessed.  For the last couple of weeks I have been thinking relentlessly about all the food and wine that I will be selecting and cooking. I have even envisaged how people are going to eat and drink it…I would have a hard time falling asleep because I was constantly thinking how I could cook that recipe in a “richer” and more exciting way. What I can do, I know it’s pretty weird but it means so much to me!

So what is all the fuss? Let’s give you an idea of what will be happening that evening. All the food has been sourced from incredibly trusted suppliers unknown by many. This will entail spending a good 2 days traveling around the my regions and the neighboring areas to source the perfect meats, hams, cheese, pasta, fish, cakes and wine. Each product has a special “dealer”. The result is a dream come true: selecting the very best products and create a feast for my guests. It fills me with joy to give the opportunity to my friends to truly try unique products from Italy that have been carefully selected after weeks of planning.

As you know, no words can describe the feeling of tasting something utterly delicious so instead of me talking about how everything will taste, I have listed what I will be cooking on the evening which should give you a better picture and hopefully excite you…

Our New Year’s Menu:

Selection of amazing hams and cheese from Italy, Spain and Hungary
Alaskan Salmon
Alaskan crab cakes and saffron mayo
Crostini with Calabrian sundried tomato and chilli pesto over Guanciale Iberico
Crostini with chicken liver pate with balsamic glaze
Crostini with a cream of vacche rosse parmesan and fresh herbs


Spicy chorizo, Nduja, caramelized onion and Italian beef mince pie
Slow cooked quiche with leeks, fontina cheese and slow cooked magalica pancetta
Blue 61 cheese lasagne with glazed radicchio in red wine and walnuts
Mushroom and truffle passatteli


Slow cooked pig’s cheek with garlicky potatoes roasted in duck fat and creamy Castelluccio lentils


Award winning Artisanal Limoncello Panettone
Award winning Artisanal coffee and white chocolate Panettone
Sbrisolona cake
Mix berries Bavarese

Nice eh? Well the wine deserves a separate chapter. I have selected what I believe are fascinating artisans from Italy and France that make delicious and intriguing natural wines. Small growers that are proud of their terroir, producing authentic products. We are going to have 3 types of sparkling, 5 types of white and 5 types of red. Once the feast will be finished, we will need to find mental strength and inner energy to hit the dance floor where a great selection of Vodka, Gin and Whiskey paired of course with energising music which will make us dance all through the morning hours….I do not know how, but we will manage!

Merry Christmas to you all!