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wine society

Creating exclusive and imaginative Italian wine experiences in London

At Elite RetrEat Italia we are incredibly passionate about wine. Named by the Greeks Enotria (land of wine), Italy has more grape varieties than any other country in the world. With a diverse range of soil composition and microclimates, it certainly represents the ultimate destination for wine lovers.

Luckily over the last 20 years, producers realised that it is best to focus on quality rather than on quantity to really make Italy shine as a wine production area. Such an incredible variety of wines and appellations can certainly result in confusing novelists but at the same time it is incredibly exciting for passionate wine lovers.

All of our services and experiences revolve around Italian wine and gastronomy. Be it an exclusive Italian wine tasting in London or a wine tour of Etna’s most impressive wineries, our goal is to showcase Italian gastronomic excellence. We create bespoke London events around wine where we take you on an imaginary luxury travel experience across Italy with a glass of wine: it certainly classifies as one of those unique London experiences you have that will remain unforgettable. It is like creating some of the finest special celebrations in Italy in the comfort of your home, office or exclusive venue in London. In order to further enhance the experience we match the wine tasting with fascinating Italian brands that share similar characteristics in terms of provenance and philosophy in order to produce the ultimate London events.

For us, wine is all about sharing and always discovering something new. That is why at each wine tasting, we use great wines from small growers from undiscovered wine production areas. Not only do these artisans have an exciting story to tell but most importantly they produce unique, rare and delicious wines. As luxury event planners, our goal is to exceed expectations while inspiring our guests to discover the best products that Italy has to offer.

The Italian Experiential Club

To really showcase what we mean by Italian excellence, we created an exciting and exclusive wine society of passionate wine lovers called the Italian Experiential Club where they can enjoy a series of by invitation only exclusive London events where we curate the ultimate Italian experience. The events take place either at luxury Italian brands’ showrooms or in stunning private venues be it a members club or private property. Of course wine and gastronomy are always at the core of the experience, as we believe it is the best way to connect, discover and appreciate this country loved by some many people. We then carefully select Italian designer brands to complement the experience by creating a parallel between the gastronomic element and the beautiful features of the brand to create the complete multisensory Italian experience.

Join our wine society to discover the magical world of Italian Artisanal Excellence