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unique london experiences

Unique London experiences – tailoring your special events and corporate events

Elite RetrEat Italia is a luxury event agency in London that specialise in creating one of a kind and imaginative experiences in the world of luxury events in London and in Italy.

Let one of our luxury event planners design some of the most unique London experiences for your special event or corporate event by tailoring an exciting multi-sensory wine tasting for you and your special guests.  Anyone that has had the opportunity to enjoy one of our exclusive events will agree that we take wine tastings in London to a whole new level!

Your wine expert will carefully select stunning Italian wines which have been produces by some of Italy’s finest artisans and that have such a fascinating story to unveil. Throughout the event you will be taken on a magical wine tour throughout Italy to not only taste these wonderful Italian wines but to discover the enormous gastronomic treasures and the extraordinary craftsmanship that these places of origin possess.

If you want to give your guests  the ultimate experience then our luxury event planners and wine expert will creatively pair the wines with other forms of Italian Artisanal Excellence from the world of fashion, art, design to perfume making and so much more!

The Italian Experiential Club

If you are an Italian wine lover  or enjoy the finer thing in life then The Italian Experiential Club will give you access to the most unique London experiences while discovering the very best that Italy has to offer here in London.  Our luxury event planners in collaboration with the finest Italian brands carefully orchestrate exclusive events with innovative and multi-sensory wine and gastronomic experiences in stunning venues across London for like-minded and inspiring individuals to discover, share and celebrate the fascinating world of Italian Artisanal Excellence and Lifestyle in a unique and exciting way.

Join the magical world of Italian Artisanal Excellence