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special celebrations in Italy

Creating the most exclusive and imaginative special celebrations in Italy and in London

Are you looking to organise a special celebration in Italy and don’t know where to start?

Our luxury event planners and luxury travel advisor join forces to create one of a kind and truly imaginative luxury events and travel experiences to make your special day an unforgettable celebration!

Designing and delivering exclusive events from London to Italy and bespoke luxury travel experiences in Italy is at the core of what we offer at Elite RetrEat Italia. Whether we are curating exciting multi-sensory wine tastings, magnificent travel experiences or unique luxury events for your special celebrations in Italy or in London, from a birthday party, an Italian honeymoon, an anniversary, a reunion to a luxury brand launch, our final goal is the same: to push the boundaries of experiential engagement while showcasing the magical world of Italian artisanal excellence…what we like to call “Cultural Luxury”.

Creating exclusive events and unique luxury travel experiences is a challenging task that requires a great amount of time, planning and attention to detail as so many things can go easily wrong. As leading luxury event planners and travel designers we take great pride in truly taking the time to carefully get to know our clients so we can combine our in-depth knowledge, passion and creative flair in order to deliver unique experiences in London and in Italy that have an impactful wow factor. It is always quite exciting to have the first briefing with a client as we get to understand what they are really looking to experience and to discuss the various ways we can turn their dreams into reality. Once our luxury travel advisor and/or luxury event planners starts to discuss their creative ideas and the client’s special event or trip starts to unfold, the excitement in the client’s eyes is a moment we always take a mental picture of as our goal is to surpass that moment during their journey.

One thing is for certain…we will not rest until we reach our client’s personal perception of perfection!

Join us in the magical world of Italian Artisanal Excellence!

Celebrate with a bespoke London wine tasting

Start planning your special celebration in Italy