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Sensorial Wine Experiences

Let us stimulate your mind and soul with a 360 degree sensorial wine experience.

The Sound of Colour

A mind-blowing experience that will delight all your senses. Indulge in a unforgettable wine & dining experience at a magnificent private estate outside London where a Michelin star chef will design a menu that will enhance your senses and tease your taste-buds. Simultaneously a specialises in the art of pyromusical design, will orchestrate a stunning firework display choreographed to a bespoke soundtrack of your liking, edited and produced to the finest detail. To complete the allsensorial experience, wines will be carefully paired to enhance your each and every sublime moment.

The Scent of Excellence

Let your scent guide you through the world of artisanal excellence. A master in perfume making will carefully create a bespoke selection of perfumes that pair perfectly with some of Italy’s finest artisanal wines and teach you step by step how to create these magical emulsions.

Wine Experience Brochure