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Journeys through Italy

Let us take you on a journey from the fresh Alpine wines grown at over 1000 meters in some of Europe highest vineyards, to the rich and salty wines of Sicily’s volcanic mountain tops and stunning shores.

Pre and post-holiday tasting

Make sure you get the most out of your memorable Italian holiday by treating and preparing your palate with a sensational experience that will give you a first taste of the region’s best wines to seek out. In case you just got back from your Italian retreat and want to relive those sublime gastronomic moments, join us for an exquisite tasting that will take you back in time.

Your Wine & Yacht Experience

Embark on an exclusive wine experience down the Thame river on a luxurious state of the art private yachts. During your journey you will have the chance to taste Italy’s finest wine which have been grown near the country’s coast and enjoy a selection on Italian seafood antipasti. These magical wines with their almost salty notes will immediately transport your mind and soul to where they are from…the Mediterranean Sea.

Wine Experience Brochure