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Wine and Gastronomy

Let us create the ultimate experience for you that will delight your taste buds with a delicious symphony of exquisite gastronomic pleasures paired with some of Italy’s finest artisanal wines.

Wine & Cooking Experience

Enjoy a spectacular private cooking and wine experience in one of London’s finest kitchen show rooms. Learn how to cook alongside a renowned Michelin star chef while we take you through a sensorial wine journey through Italia’s finest wines.

Drunken ham & cheese experience

The are several Italian delicacies that are aged either in wine or a spirit. We capture the majesty of each of these great products by taking you back in time and creating a tasting experience of the country’s “drunken” finest ham and cheese pairing them beautifully with a selection of local wines that will bring out the best of these culinary delights.

Wine Experience Brochure