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Wine and Italian Craftsmanship

Imagine a sublime wine tasting experience with some of the finest Italian craftsmen personally performing for you in the comfort of your home or in a breath taking private venue in the heart of London.

Men in Suites

We bring the best of Italian fashion and style right to your doorstep. Whether it is a fine Neapolitan tailor or a Florentine shoe maker, we will select a list of appropriate wines tailored to your interest that share the values of bespoke artisanal excellence.

Wine & Diamond

The quaint town of Valenza is known as the world’s capital of fine artisanal jewellery making. Now, imagine having one of Valenza jewellery experts unveil the secrets behind the creation of some of the finest jewellery pieces and have the unique pleasure to design your own jewellery at your next London event. This experience will be paired beautifully with a premium selection of unique sparkling wines that recall the same elegance found in these diamonds.

Wine Experience Brochure