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Corporate Entertainment, exclusive events and luxury events in London

Let’s get to Business

We understand how important it is to charm your clients at a business lunch or dinner or engage them by hosting a company event, especially when your competitor is doing exactly the same thing. Well at Elite RetrEat Italia we design one of a kind and bespoke wine experiences that are completely tailored to your needs and your clients’ demographics, making you stand out from the crowd and truly engage with your clients each time.

Women of Power

Just like in food and in fashion, female wines artisans have an element of refinement and finesse that makes their wines stand out. Let us design a unique and elegant wine experience for your female clients or colleagues which will tease their senses, emotionally and mentally engage them whiles pampering them to the fullest.

Business Dining

Let us guide you through a selection of wines that not only will be delicious and pair well with your meal but most importantly that will perfectly fit the occasion making you always the ultimate host at any client dinner or event.

Wine Experience Brochure