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A exclusive gourmet picnic in Alta Badia

by Filippo di Lenardo, 7 August 2017

lake Dolomites

Corporate trip ideas in the Italian Dolomites

As a luxury travel advisor, I am a firm believer that the mountains in summer have something so special to offer, especially when we talk about the Dolomites.

The nature around there is simply stunning and the fresh weather allows you to enjoy the many activities this destination has to offer, be it sports, entertainment or gastronomy.

I would like to share with you one of the corporate trip ideas we have created for a company that wanted to do a unique and exciting travel experience that combined gastronomy and nature.

veronaWe started off in Verona, the city of lovers where after a delicious breakfast at one of Italy’s finest pastry chefs, we went for a treasure hunt discovering the city’s most hidden traditions. Just before lunch time, we arrived in the impressive Lake Garda (personally my favourite out of the Italian big lakes) where we enjoyed a fabulous private boat tour on exclusive Riva boats. Lunch was served in an incredible Michelin star restaurant high up on a hill with arguably the best views of the lake, a true spectacle!

The mountainous area of Verona which is between the Lake and the Dolomites is home to some great marble caves, giving Verona also the nickname of “The city of marble”. Not only did we have a private tour of the caves but we also had a private marble carving lesson with a leading local artisan.

We were all dying for a glass of wine so we head 30 minutes north where we reached the wine route which connects Lake Garda to the Dolomites; A beautiful road in the heart of one of Italy’s most gorgeous and prestigious wine production areas. I thought that given the number of high quality producers, it would be fun to create a sort of little wine society and go for a wine tour of the best local artisans. Here sparkling wine reaches a very high level also called as the “Italian Champagne” however reds and whites made with local grape varietal are also particularly fascinating.

degustAfter a rather generous wine tasting, right at the beginning of the Dolomites, we stopped to visit one of the most innovative food artisans. Also known as a cheese scientist, this ex Michelin star chef decided a few years ago to dedicate himself entirely to the creation of unique and delicious cheese. He is not a producer but rather an “affineur” which means he selects the best cheese out there and “ages” them with unique flavour profiles, ranging from chocolate to caviar. Any food lover should have the privilege of visiting this sensational laboratory of cheese ideas!

We eventually arrived at our luxurious chalet with impeccable views over the Dolomites. It is during sunset when the sun hits the mountains and creates a pink like reflection, that these mountains become so marvellous. This is the reason why they are recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site.

After a light dinner and a good night sleep, we were ready to tackle our next exciting day out. Approximately 30 minute drive, in the heart of the Dolomites, there is this incredible natural park where nature simply speaks a different language. Within the park there is a magical lake with crystal clear turquoise water which looks as if the Caribbean’s found their natural habitat in the Italian Alps. You could not ask for a better setting for a special picnic. Not just any picnic… A series of exclusive events where all the best chefs from the Dolomites (with several Michelin star chefs involved)  gather during the summer to create the ultimate food festival. Each chef has his own stand where he creates his best dishes, giving the opportunity to people to taste the very best that this area has to offer. No words can describe our clients’ faces: being in such a stunning setting tasting the most incredible of Alpine food cooked by the top chefs in an informal yet sophisticated scenario! What could you possibly want more? Simply divine!