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Redefining Experiential Artisanal Excellence

Our Inspiration

Ever since I was a child, as a good Italian…I have had a tremendous passion for my country’s local ingredients and appreciation for authentic beauty.

Thanks to my studies, diverse working experiences and my family’s background in the wine industry, I have developed a great interest for Italian delicacies allowing me to explore a truly fascinating world. I always knew that Italian food and wine would be an essential part of my life.

Whenever I travel I always plan every single aspect of my trip, making sure that I constantly seek to find the hidden gems in each destination. Over time I have realised that my immense enthusiasm and obsession in searching for perfection in undiscovered places should be something I should share with other people, to allow them to experience this for themselves!

Nothing gives me more pleasure than creating an experience where I can showcase the numerous regional specialities while allowing people to discover the country’s finest craftsman. With its unique gastronomic heritage, now like never before, it’s time to indulge in Italian gastronomy, the universal language of pleasure.

My aim is to encourage people to find a deep connection with the traditions and the beauty of my homeland by giving them their own “senso Italiano”.

Come into my world and experience “Italian artisanal excellence”.

Filippo di Lenardo

Founder, Elite RetrEat Italia