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Italian luxury travel, wine, events and investments

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“Creating imaginative experiential wine tastings and special events in London and Italy”

Imagine hosting a unique wine tasting in London from the comfort of your home or entertaining clients and colleagues at your office or in an exclusive private venue in London or in Italy, where our experiential Italian event planner and wine specialist will tailor a special private event around your needs.

We provide exceptional private artisanal wine events in an elegant yet fun atmosphere that can make any host shine while entertaining and truly engaging with their guests. Whether your guests are true wine connoisseurs or occasionally appreciate a great glass of wine, we unite the magical world of wine with exciting sensorial experiences from the world of art, fashion, music and artisanal craftsmanship. Let us stimulate all your senses like never before and transport you on a journey throughout Italy.

If you are looking to celebrate a special occasion with your loved ones or treat your top clients or colleagues to an exclusive tailored experience in Italy, our Travel designers are here to make your Italian dream a reality. We do not rest until we reach your personal perception of perfection!

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“Designing exclusive and unique artisanal experiences in Italy”

Whether its having the ultimate gastronomic experience in your luxury villa or yacht in Capri, heli-skiing with an ex-world champion down the Italian Alps or enjoying your special private or corporate event in an exclusive Venetian palace, our Italian travel designers will make sure you have the time of your life.

We pride ourselves on creating bespoke, imaginative and exclusive Italian artisanal adventures that redefine the boundaries of experiential engagement in luxury travel. Whether you are looking to plan a unique family holiday, romantic getaway or an exciting incentive, we carefully combine our in-depth knowledge of the destination, excellent service, innovative thinking and tremendous admiration for the country’s finest craftsmanship and heritage in order to design your one of a kind dream experience and truly unveil the country’s hidden gems. Stimulating your sense like never before is what we thrive for.

So what are you waiting for?

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“Delivering creative property, leisure and hospitality investment opportunities in Italy.”

Whether you are looking to buy your ultimate Italian luxury holiday home or seeking inimitable investment opportunities in the leisure and hospitality sector in Italy, such as an exclusive Tuscany vineyard or boutique hotel on the Amalfi Coast, our team will be there for you every step of the way.

Thanks to our wide range of contacts in the real estate, hospitality and leisure sector and our in depth knowledge of the destinations, we can deliver to you some of the country’s most luxurious villas and intriguing hospitality and leisure opportunities whilst providing you with the invaluable support and innovative thinking you need to fully optimise your asset.

Our travel and property team join forces to create your ultimate Taste of Investment itinerary, allowing you to experience you future acquisition in a 360 degree spectrum and discover the hidden gems in its surroundings.

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Redefining Experiential Artisanal Excellence

Ever since I was a child, as a good Italian…I have had a tremendous passion for my country’s local ingredients and appreciation for authentic beauty.

Thanks to my studies, diverse working experiences and my family’s background in the wine industry, I have developed a great interest for Italian delicacies allowing me to explore a truly fascinating world. I always knew that Italian food and wine would be an essential part of my life.

Whenever I travel I always plan every single aspect of my trip, making sure that I constantly seek to find the hidden gems in each destination. Over time I have realised that my immense enthusiasm and obsession in searching for perfection in undiscovered places should be something I should share with other people, to allow them to experience this for themselves!

Nothing gives me more pleasure than creating an experience where I can showcase the numerous regional specialities while allowing people to discover the country’s finest craftsman. With its unique gastronomic heritage, now like never before, it’s time to indulge in Italian gastronomy, the universal language of pleasure.

My aim is to encourage people to find a deep connection with the traditions and the beauty of my homeland by giving them their own “senso Italiano”.

Come into my world and experience “Italian artisanal excellence”.

Filippo di Lenardo

Founder, Elite RetrEat Italia

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